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16 rue du Moulin des Bruyères 92400 Courbevoie


 +33 (0) 683 36 84 03

©2018 by R-LAB

about us

Our machines are set up to help you to manufacture objects and achieve new shapes easier

Robot and CNC techniques provide secure production compared to manual work

Cost and time of production reduced thanks to a fully automated process

High-quality outcome due to low-fault work of our machines, same result for multiple objects

Solution for your supply and space issues as we provide materials to produce your objects  and execute it at our site

Training sessions available for those who keen to learn about digital fabrication and obtain 3D and CAD skills

who we are

We are the first robotic lab in Paris, that offers a service of the robotic arm programmed for wood milling and carving based on the client's 3D image. 


We truly believe that technology boosts creativity and that by automating some steps of the fabrication process our clients could increase productivity. Our broad goal is to introduce industrial robots to the Art and Design industry and to give the designers, craftsmen, and architects an opportunity to use robotics in their creative and fabrication process.


It's proven, that the robotic wood milling is a high-quality work: it is very precise (as much as ± 0.03 mm) and allows to obtain excellent results especially in case of multiple series production. Our clientele varies from artisans, artists and designers who create small small-medium series of objects or prototypes in wood, small businesses interested in producing customized parts for their main production line, as well as medium-large enterprises that require limited edition of objects in wood. 

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